Who we are

Company Overview

Kijani Development Limited conducts assessment of potential Environmental and Social impacts for various development projects in various sectors such as; Roads, Railways, Airports, Ports and Harbors, Water Supply, Sewerage, Thermal Power, Electrical Transmission Lines, Industries in General, Mining and Quarrying, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Cement and Fertilizer Plants, Diversion Channels, Forestry, Irrigation and Waste Disposal Facilities; and develops appropriate mitigation measures.



Kijani Development Limited Conducts Environmental Audits on existing projects on an annual basis as required by law to determine the compliance of these projects towards the laid Environmental laws and standards. The audits are done on the following sectors: Roads and Railways, Airports, Ports and Harbors, Shopping Complexes, Supermarkets, Water Supply Systems, Sewerage Infrastructure, Thermal Power Plants and Associated Facilities, Electrical Transmission Lines, Industries in General, Mining Developments, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Diversion Channels, Irrigation and Waste Disposal Facilities, Parks, Hotels etc.

Kijani Development Limited provides consultation and stakeholder engagement expertise for organizations in community development space.

Our service enables clients to understand their stakeholders better and assists clients in making informed decisions to find the best way forward.

Our approach involves stakeholder identification and mapping; consultation strategy design and implementation and objection and public inquiry management.
To achieve this aim we use a number of techniques including public exhibitions, stakeholder workshops, social networking, questionnaires.
We link the Public Players (for instance County Governments) with Private actors (Private Businesses, NGOs, CBOs).
through PPPs, the strengths of the private sector such as innovation, access to finance, knowledge of technologies, managerial efficiency, and entrepreneurial spirit are combined with the social responsibility, environmental awareness, and local knowledge of the public sector in an effort to solve urban problems.

We offer management services for natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations (stewardship). Natural resource management specifically focuses on a scientific and technical understanding of resources and ecology and the life-supporting capacity of those resources.

Natural resource management brings together land use planning, water management, biodiversity conservation, and the future sustainability of industries like agriculture, mining, tourism, fisheries and forestry. To achieve set objectives, we work closely with the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR), NEMA, and other stakeholders.




Mosoti Dn. Arunga
Director and Managing Partner
Mosoti Dn. Arunga is professionally trained as an Agriculturalist. He has 15 years of experience in the agricultural and infrastructural sectors. He is registered by the Environmental Institute of Kenya and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as a Lead environmental and social consultant. He has participated as one of the consultants in over 25 Climate smart agricultural and Environmental development projects. He is alter trained in Alternative Dispute (ADR) Resolution mechanisms as an arbitrator (ACIArb) by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.